Camel Trophy Playlist

Camel Trophy Playlist

The ultimate in adventure and exploration, the Camel Trophy has had a great impact on the world of overlanding and vehicle-based exploration.  Many current off-roaders point to classic photos of Land Rover Defenders surrounded by dense rainforest as the item that peaked their interest in offroading and adventure.

What started out as three German teams exploring the Amazon in modified Jeeps, quickly evolved into an annual event that would involve over 15 teams from around the globe, cover over 18 countries throughout its 20 year run, and become known as the ultimate test for man and machine. 

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To stir the adventure spirit in all of us, we have compiled a playlist of various years of Camel Trophy highlights.  We hope these inspire you and show you examples of what to do and sometimes what not to do in certain offroad situations.  So grab a bag of popcorn, enjoy the highlights, and Keep Exploring!


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