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Scout Dual Battery Tray

Scout Dual Battery Tray

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This dual battery tray is designed to bolt into the factory Scout tongue box utilizing the two welded studs at the rear and the original hardware on the front of the Scout tongue box.  This is product was never released to our product line, but we have a significant stock of them in the shop. 

The tray is designed to work with Group 31 size batteries or similar. 

IMPORTANT! READ! The dual battery tray does NOT come with hold down straps.  The end user will have to fabricate or use a cost effective machine shop (SendCutSend) to fabricate the correct size hold down.  This should be a relatively straight forward process and the tray already has welded inserts to bolt the hold down to in the front.  The rear flange of the hold down would be bolted through the rear section of the tongue box. See third photo.


Odyssey 31M-PC2150 Battery

Battle Born Lithium BB10012

Listed at below cost to clear the inventory.  All sales are final.

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